40+ Food-Related Word Differences Between Britain And The U.S

British and American English often use different terms to describe the same thing. Below is the list of 40+ food-related word differences between Britain and the U.S.

British vs. American Food Names – Video

Food-Related Word Differences: USA – UK


Eggplant – Aubergine

Sausage – Bangers

Crackers, cookies – Biscuits

Sandwich – Butty/Sarny

Candy – Sweets


Bell peppers – Capsicum

French Fries – Chips

Cilantro – Coriander

Zucchini – Courgette

Potato chips – Crisps

Light brown sugar – Demerera sugar

French toast – Eggy bread

Broiler – Griller

Jell-O – Jelly

Popsicle – lolly

Ground meat – Minced meat or mince

Seeds (like apple seeds) – pips

Oatmeal – porridge


Bacon slice – rasher

Beer with lemonade – shandy

Pigs feet – Trotters

Other Food Names


Double Boiler – Bain Marie

Basil – Basil

Fava – Broad Bean

Superfine Sugar – Caster Sugar

Romaine lettuce – Cos lettuce

Half and half – Single Cream

Graham cracker – Digestive Biscuit

Fish Sticks – Fish Fingers

String Beans – Runner Beans

Candied Fruits – Glace Fruits

Confectioner’s Sugar – Icing Sugar

Smoked Herring – Kipper

Entrée -Starters

Pie case -Pastry case

Cheap Wine – Plonk

Cream Puff – Profiterole

Arugula – Rocket

Self-rising flour – Self-raising flour

Cream of wheat – Semolina

Porterhouse – Sirloin

Soda – Soft Drink

Sherbert -Sorbet

Stella Artois – Wife-beater

Rutabaga – Swede

Canned -Tinned

Molasses – Black treacle

Whole-wheat flour – Wholemeal flour

British vs. American Food Names – Image

Food-Related Word Differences Between Britain And The U.S


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