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35+ Powerful Ways to Say “You’re So Smart”

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Instead of saying “you’re so smart”, you should use these alternative ways below to broaden your English skill.

Other Ways to Say “You’re So Smart”

List of Alternative Ways to Say “You’re So Smart” in English.

1. You have really improved on…

2. That must have been a hard choice to make. You have a lot of integrity.

3. What a creative solution to that problem!

4. You work very well with your classmates.

5. What a great friend you are!

6. Wow, that was brave. Your willingness to take a risk there really paid off.

7. You tried really hard on that.

8. You are one of the most reflective learners I know.

9. You never gave up, even when it was hard.

10. You have such a positive attitude.

11. I love how you took ownership of that!

12. That was a very responsible thing you did.

13. I like the way you are doing…

14. I admire the way you…

15. You should share that idea with Luke. He would really appreciate learning this from you.

16. You really handled that situation well because…

17. It was brave of you to…

18. I love that you are always prepared for class.

19. I wouldn’t have thought to use that approach. You really know how to think outside of the box.

20. You did a great job of helping…with her assignment.

21. You have taken great care of your desk/locker/book.

22. You remembered to bring…to class! Great job!

23. I know I can trust you because…

24. Your patience is a real gift. It will continue to serve you well as a learner.

25. I can tell you studied very hard!

26. I appreciate how helpful you were when you…

27. I remember how overwhelmed you seemed by… Tell me what you did to overcome the hurdles you faced. You’re inspiring me.

28. You did a great job of participating today!

29. I could tell you worked well with your group because…

30. I know you’ve been working hard to improve…., and this is where I see you succeeding.

31. It is so nice that you value other people’s opinions.

32. I can tell you tried your very best because…

33. You really encouraged your classmates today when you…

34. What a creative way to solve that problem!

35. You are not afraid of a challenge! I like that!

36. You thought of that all by yourself!

37. You remembered to… (Specific skill)! Great thinking!

38. I am so proud that you made that choice.

Other Ways to Say “You’re So Smart” | Picture

Other Ways to Say "You're So Smart"


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