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30+ Useful Phrasal Verbs with PUT in English

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Learn common phrasal verbs with PUT in English.

Phrasal verb is the name given to an English verb which is composed of two or three words.

Useful Phrasal Verbs with PUT

List of common phrasal verbs with PUT in English

1. Put into

  • Meaning: To try
  • Example: You’ve got to put some effort into your work.

2. Put across

  • Meaning: Communicate, convey a message
  • Example: He found it difficult to put across what he wanted to say at the meeting.

3. Put aside

  • Meaning: To ignore or forget something
  • Example: They decided to put aside their differences.

4. Put aside

  • Meaning: To save something so that you can use it later (especially money or time)
  • Example: I’ve been putting a bit of money aside every month.

5. Put away

  • Meaning: To store, to tidy
  • Example: The children need to put away their toys before bedtime.

6. Put away

  • Meaning: Put someone in prison
  • Example: The judge put him away for ten years for robbery.

7. Put back

  • Meaning: Rearrange something for a later time
  • Example: We’ve put the trip back until June now.

8. Put back

  • Meaning: Put something back in the correct place
  • Example: He put the dictionary back on the shelf after he’d finished the crossword.

9. Put by

  • Meaning: To save money for the future
  • Example: I try to put some money by every month towards our summer holiday.

10. Put down

  • Meaning: Kill an animal because it’s old, ill, etc..
  • Example: He had his dog put down because it was in a lot of pain from its tumours.

11. Put down

  • Meaning: “Stop holding (but withdraw support gently)”
  • Example: Put the gun down slowly and keep your hands where I can see them.

12. Put down

  • Meaning: To make someone feel stupid or unimportant by criticizing them
  • Example: I am tired of him putting me down all the time.

13. Put down for

  • Meaning: Commit to make a payment
  • Example: I will put you down for $20 then.

14. Put down to

  • Meaning: Give as an explanation
  • Example: He didn’t score many, but he can put that down to inexperience.

15. Put in

  • Meaning: Install
  • Example: They had to put in a whole new central heating system because the house was so cold.

16. Put in for

  • Meaning: Make a request
  • Example: We’ve put in for a grant to repair the building.

17. Put off

  • Meaning: Stop liking something or somebody
  • Example: Could you be quiet please – I’m trying to concentrate and you’re putting me off.

18. Put off

  • Meaning: Postpone
  • Example: The concert’s been put off until next month because the singer’s got a throat infection.

19. Put on

  • Meaning: Get fat
  • Example: He’s put on a lot of weight since he gave up smoking.

20. Put on

  • Meaning: Deceive, lie
  • Example: She is not putting him on.

21. Put on

  • Meaning: To start wearing an item of clothing
  • Example: We put our coats on before we went out.

22. Put out

  • Meaning: Extinguish a cigarette, fire, etc..
  • Example: He put out his cigarette before entering the building.

23. Put out

  • Meaning: Broadcast, publish something
  • Example: Police have put out a description of the man they wish to question.

24. Put out

  • Meaning: Disturb or trouble someone
  • Example: Would it be putting you out greatly if I asked to change to another day?

25. Put sth out

  • Meaning: To make a light stop shining by pressing a switch
  • Example: Please put the light out when you leave.

26. Put over

  • Meaning: Successfully execute (a scam, trick, etc.)
  • Example: She put over a clever practical joke on us.

27. Put sense into

  • Meaning: Help someone think logically
  • Example: I wanted to join the circus but she put some sense into my head and I changed my mind.

28. Put through

  • Meaning: To connect someone by phone
  • Example: Can you put me through to the Customer Service Department.

29. Put towards

  • Meaning: Make a financial contribution
  • Example: We each put £5 towards her leaving present.

30. Put up

  • Meaning: Allow someone to stay at your house for a night or a few days
  • Example: She put me up for the night because I’d missed the last bus.

31. Put up

  • Meaning: Increase prices, taxes, duties, etc.
  • Example: Several of the banks have decided to put up their interest rates.

32. Put up

  • Meaning: Show skill or determination in a contest, competition, fight, etc.
  • Example: He put up a great fight but lost.

33. Put up to

  • Meaning: Encourage someone to do something
  • Example: His friends put him up to stealing it.

34. Put sth up

  • Meaning: To fasten something to a wall or ceiling
  • Example: I need to put up some curtains in the bedroom.

35. Put up with

  • Meaning: Tolerate
  • Example: I can’t put up with my neighbour’s noise any longer; it’s driving me mad.

36. Put forward

  • Meaning: To propose or suggest
  • Example: I would like to put forward my ideas for the new product.

Useful Phrasal Verbs with PUT | Picture

Useful Phrasal Verbs with PUT

Useful Phrasal Verbs with PUT

Useful Phrasal Verbs with PUT