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30+ Different Ways to Say I’m Tired in English

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In English, there are many ways to express the feeling of being tired. In this lesson, you will learn some different ways to say I’m Tired in English with ESL pictures.

Different Ways to Say I’m Tired

1. I’m whacked.

2. I’m dog-tired.

3. I’m spent.

4. I’m on my last legs.

5. I’m bushed.

6. I’m exhausted.

7. I’m worn out.

8. I’m knackered.

9. I’m beat.

10. I’m pooped.

11. I’m done.

12. I’m sleepy.

13. I’m flat out tired.

14. I’m dead on my feet.

15. I’m running on empty.

16. I’m running on fumes.

17. I’m fatigued.

18. I’m tired out.

19. I’m weary.

20. I’m tired to the bone.

21. I’m dragging.

22. I’m stuffed.

23. I’m drained.

24. I’m wiped out.

25. I’m drawsy.

26. I’m wiped.

27. I’m fried.

28. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

29. I’m off to bed.

30. I’m gonna hit the sack.

31. It’s bedtime for me.

32. I’m all in

33. I’m shattered

34. I’m dead to the world

35. I’m at the end of my rope

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Different Ways to Say I'm Tired



Wednesday 9th of June 2021

Um, a few of these are just straight out wrong. I hope people don't use those when talking to people.... "I'm stuffed" that means you ate too much. "Drawsy"? It should be "I'm drowsy". "I'm all in" means "Count on me..." This list needs to be reviewed.


Monday 17th of February 2020

i love it


Monday 17th of February 2020



Wednesday 9th of May 2018

Like to learn more about expressive words


Saturday 2nd of December 2017

i like this site its very useful for english learners