30+ Commonly Used Informal Contractions in English

Informal contractions are very common in American English. We don’t usually write them except in texts, casual emails, and informal comments on social media.

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Informal contractions are very common in American English. We don’t usually write them except in texts, casual emails, and informal comments on social media.

Informal Contractions – Video

Commonly Used Informal Contractions

Common contractions with “HAVE” with examples

  • Should have – shoulda – I shoulda called yesterday.
  • Could have – coulda – She coulda been here by 1:00.
  • Would have – woulda – He woulda arrived earlier, but the train was late.
  • Might have – mighta – You mighta left the bag at the airport.
  • Must have – musta – You musta been in a hurry.
  • Couldn’t have – couldna -I couldna called because my phone was broken.
  • Shouldn’t have – shouldna – She shouldna told you that.
  • Wouldn’t have – wouldna – Nick wouldna known about the meeting.
  • She would have – she’da – She’da liked to be at the meeting today.
  • He would have – he’da – He’da liked to be there too.
  • I would have – I’da – I’da written to you, but I didn’t have your address.
  • They would have – they’da – I wish they’da given me more time!
  • You would have – you’da – You’da enjoyed the concert last night.

Contractions with”YOU” with examples

  • Don’t you – dontchaDontcha like the movie?
  • Didn’t you – didntcha Didntcha like the movie?
  • Won’t you – wontcha  – Wontcha drive the car?
  • What are you – whatcha or watcha Whatcha doing?
  • Got you – gotchaI gotcha!
  • Bet you – betcha Betcha can’t guess the answer!

Contractions with “OF” with examples

  • KInd of – kinda – I kinda like her.
  • Out of – outta – The printer is outta paper.
  • Cup of – cuppa – I need a cuppa coffee.
  • Sort of – sorta – I sorta need that book.
  • A lot of – a lotta – I have a lotta homework tonight.

Contractions with “TO” with examples:

  • Got to – gotta – I gotta buy a new car.
  • Going to – gonna – She is gonna be there today.
  • Need to – needa – I needa go shopping soon.
  • Want to – wanna – I wanna blue car.
  • Have to – hafta – I hafta save some money.
  • Has to – hasta – Tim hasta work today.
  • Ought to – oughta – She oughta work two jobs.
  • Supposed to – supposeta – I’m supposeta start the job Monday.
  • Used to – useta – She useta work there too.

Other informal contractions:

  • Give me – gimme – Gimme five minutes.
  • Let me – lemme – Lemme see it!
  • Tell them – tellem – Tellem I’ll be there soon.
  • Don’t know – dunno – I dunno what time it is.
  • Got a – gotta – I gotta new job.
  • Come on – c’mon – C’mon! We don’t want to be late!
  • Some more – s’more – Can I have s’more water?

Informal Contractions | Image

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