25+ English Phrases for Describing Relationships

Here are some useful phrases for describing relationships in English

Phrases for Describing Relationships

1. We’re just friends.

2. Our relationship is strictly platonic.

3. I’m single.

4. I have a boyfriend/ girlfriend.

5. We’re engaged.

6. We’re dating.

7. I’m in a relationship.

8. We’re going to get married.

9. We’re getting married in June.

10. We broke up.

11. My wife and I are separated.

12. I’m married.

13. I’ve been married for …

14. We’re getting divorced.

15. My relationship with Shane is complicated.

16. I’m widowed.

17. I’m not looking for anything serious.

18. I think she’s into me.

19. We’re seeing each other. It’s not serious though.

20. We are common-law partners.

21. I’m not quite over my ex.

22. I’m not divorced yet.

23. I’m interested in Emily.

24. I have a crush on them.

25. I’m crazy in love with you.

26. We’ve been together for two years and we’re going steady.

27. My parents met my fiancé yesterday.

28. Aaron and Sam are inseparable these days.

29. I am not on speaking terms with John.

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