20+ Most Common Excuses for Being Late in English

Common excuses for being late in English! The list below provides useful English expressions to excuse for being late everyone should know.

Common Excuses for Being Late

1. My car broke down.

2. Sorry I’m late.

3. Sorry – I didn’t hear the alarm clock.

4. I slept right through the alarm.

5. I couldn’t find a parking space.

6. The roads were chockablock.

7. It’s not an easy place to find.

8. I got lost coming here.

9. I apologize for being late.

10. I’m sorry for being late.

11. Sorry for the delay.

12. Sorry to keep you waiting.

13. I’m sorry, I couldn’t make it that day.

14. I’m sorry, I couldn’t make it in time.

15. Sorry, my car broke down on the way.

16. I’m sorry, I got a little late.

17. I overslept.

18. I had to wait ages for a bus.

19. The bus was late.

20. I lost my car keys.

21. I was tied up in a meeting.

22. I got stuck in traffic.

23. I fell asleep on the train and missed my stop.

24. I got caught by the police.

25. The traffic was terrible.

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4 years ago

I appreciated your efforts and help

4 years ago

Thanks a lot

Linda Zemel
Linda Zemel
3 years ago


Also “I couldn’t figure out your directions.”
“You changed the place and it didn’t appear on my email until later.”

So on my latest version of this: am I off to True North on Saturday as on an ad? Israel? New house? I will try not to be late.

Merertu Emana
Merertu Emana
1 year ago

The ideas are of great help. Keep up the good work

Izaias Alcântara Batista
Izaias Alcântara Batista
1 year ago

Marvelous. .

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