20+ Food Idioms in English

English food idioms - commonly used idioms based on food


1. Piece of cake

  • Something easy

2. To go bananas

  • To become crazy

3. Bring home the bacon

  • To earn money

4. Have bigger fish to fry

  • Have more important things to do

5. Like two peas in a pod

  • Nearly identical, very similar

6. As red as a cherry

  • Very red

7. Hard nut to crack

  • A difficult problem or a difficult person

8. Cry over spilled milk

  • To be unhappy because of a past event that cannot be changed

9. Walk on Eggshells

  • To be very careful about how you behave with someone because they are easily upset or made angry, or a situation where you have to be extremely cautious.

10. Take something with a pinch (grain) of salt

  • If you take what someone says with a pinch of salt, you do not completely believe it.

11. Food for thought

  • Something that makes you think carefully

12. Have egg on your face

  • If someone has egg on their face, they are made to look foolish or embarrassed

13. Pie in the sky

  • Something that is unrealistic or that cannot be achieved

14. Egg head

  • A very studious and academic person

15. Big cheese

  • An influential person

16. Couch potato

  • A lazy person who watches too much TV

17. Tough cookie

  • A very determined person

18. Top banana

  • The chief person in a group

19. Bad apple

  • A troublemaker

20. Sour grapes

  • Pretending to dislike something you cannot have

21. Nutty as a fruitcake

  • This is used from harmless silliness to someone who needs professional help

22. Slower than molasses

  • Molasses is a syrupy liquid that pours slowly.

23. Cool as a cucumber

  • A person who is able to remain calm is “as cool as a cucumber”

24. Bad apple

  • The idiom may refer to a bad person, or it can refer to a bad person who affects others.

25. A lot on my plate

  • This refers to an over-abundance of food on a dinner plate, and it is used when someone has many responsibilities or scheduled activities.

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20+ Food Idioms in English

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