100 Ways To Say I LOVE YOU

Learn 100 Ways To Say I LOVE YOU. Fun ways to show a little love.

101 Ways To Say I LOVE YOU – Video

Ways To Say I LOVE YOU

  • I love you truly, madly, deeply.
  • Take me, I’m yours.
  • XOXO
  • You rock my world.
  • I adore you.
  • I’m blinded by your beauty.
  • I am lost without you.
  • I fancy the pants off you.
  • You own my heart.
  • I want a lifetime with you.
  • I dreamt of a love like this.
  • I finally understand the meaning of love songs.
  • I love you more than chocolate.
  • Our love is epic.
  • Me & you, together forever
  • I will always share the remote.
  • I’m nuts about you.
  • You are my perfect match.
  • I thought soul mates only existed in movies.
  • You’re the one for me.
  • You complete me.
  • My heart skips a beat every time I think of you.
  • I’m stuck on you.
  • I need your love.
  • You make me want to be a better person.
  • I am lovingly yours.
  • I’m head over heels for you.
  • You are the sprinkles on the best sundae.
  • I treasure you.
  • You are my best friend.
  • I <3 U
  • I wanna hold your hand and never let go.
  • You make me whole.
  • I spell love Y.O.U.
  • You are my inspiration
  • I love every day I get to spend with you
  • I’m a fool for you.
  • I love your smile.
  • You are the love of my life.
  • You hold the key to my heart.
  • I wanna love you every day and every night.
  • I love you to pieces.
  • You are the best thing that ever happened to me.
  • I’m yours forever.
  • You make my knees go weak.
  • I love you endlessly.
  • You’re my sweet babboo.

100 Ways To Say I LOVE YOUPin

  • My heart is yours to keep.
  • I love you to the moon and back.
  • You put the happily in my ever after.
  • You light up my life.
  • I cherish you.
  • Today, tomorrow and every day after – I am yours.
  • You’re my lobster.
  • If I could choose again and again, I’d still choose you.
  • You are perfect.
  • I’m crazy about you, baby.
  • I love you more than milk loves cookies.
  • I love you more than my iPad.
  • I never believed that dreams come true until I met you.
  • You are my one and only love.
  • Honey, you are my sweetest thing.
  • You make the butterflies in my stomach go crazy.
  • Loving you is the easiest thing.
  • You are never far from my mind, you are forever in my heart.
  • You are my sun and stars.
  • I only have eyes for you.
  • You make my heart skip a beat.
  • As you wish.
  • You’re the only one for me.
  • You mean the world to me.
  • You make me believe in soul mates.
  • Hold me forever.
  • My love for you is eternal.
  • You are irresistible.
  • I’m wild about you.
  • You make my heart happy.
  • I thank God every day for making YOU.
  • You are the greatest gift on earth.
  • You are my cup of tea.
  • My life was empty until I met you.
  • I love you more than bacon.
  • My heart beats only for you.
  • Our love can conquer anything.
  • Keep calm, my heart belongs to you.
  • Be mine forever.
  • I love you with all that I am.
  • You make my life whole.
  • You are my happily ever after.
  • Every day is special because I get to spend it with you.
  • You take my breath away.
  • I love you beyond measure.
  • You’re my boo.
  • I’m batty about you.
  • You’ve stolen my heart.
  • We were made for each other.
  • Be my Valentine forever and a day.
  • I love you.

How can we let people know we care, beyond simply saying “I love you?”

  1. “Pull over.  Let me drive for awhile.”
  2. “It reminded me of you.”
  3. “No, no, it’s my treat.”
  4. “Come here.  Let me fix it.”
  5. “I’ll walk you home.”
  6. “Have a good day at work.”
  7. “I dreamed about you last night.”
  8. “Take my seat.”
  9. “I saved a piece for you.”
  10. “I’m sorry for your loss.”
  11. “You can have half.”
  12. “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”
  13. “Sorry, I’m late.”
  14. “Can I have this dance?”
  15. “I made your favourite.”
  16. “It’s okay.  I couldn’t sleep anyway.”
  17. “Watch your step.”
  18. “Here, drink this.  You’ll feel better.”
  19. “Can I hold your hand?”
  20. “You can borrow mine.”
  21. “You might like this.”
  22. “It’s not heavy.  I’m stronger than I look.”
  23. “I’ll wait.”
  24. “Just because.”
  25. “Look both ways.”
  26. “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to.”
  27. “Try some.”
  28. “Drive safely.”
  29. “Well, what do you want to do?”
  30. “One more chapter.”
  31. “Don’t worry about me.”
  32. “It looks good on you.”
  33. “Close your eyes and hold out your hands.”
  34. “That’s okay, I bought two.”
  35. “After you.”
  36. “We’ll figure it out.”
  37. “Can I kiss you?”
  38. “I like your laugh.”
  39. “Don’t cry.”
  40. “I made this for you.”
  41. “Go back to sleep.”
  42. “Is this okay?”
  43. “I picked these for you.”
  44. “I’ll drive you to the hospital.”
  45. “What do you want to watch?”
  46. “You can go first.”
  47. “Did you get my letter?”
  48. “I’ll do it for you.”
  49. “Call me when you get home.”
  50. “I think you’re beautiful.”
  51. “Are you sure?”
  52. “Have fun.”
  53. “Sit down, I’ll get it.”
  54. “I made reservations.”
  55. “I don’t mind.”
  56. “It brings out your eyes.”
  57. “There is enough room for both of us.”
  58. “You don’t have to say anything.”
  59. “Wow.”
  60. “Happy birthday.”
  61. “I’ll pick it up after work.”
  62. “It can wait until tomorrow.”
  63. “Cross my heart and hope to die.”
  64. “It’s two sugars, right?”
  65. “I’ll help you study.”
  66. “Stay over.”
  67. “I did the dishes.”
  68. “You didn’t have to ask.”
  69. “I bought you a ticket.”
  70. “You’re warm.”
  71. “No reason.”
  72. “I’ll meet you halfway.”
  73. “Take mine.”
  74. “We can share.”
  75. “I was just thinking about you.”
  76. “I want you to have this.”
  77. “Call me if you need anything.”
  78. “Do you want to come too?”
  79. “I’ll still be here when you’re ready.”
  80. “Is your seatbelt on?”
  81. “Sweet dreams.”
  82. “I was in the neighbourhood.”
  83. “Stay there.  I’m coming to get you.”
  84. “The key is under the mat.”
  85. “It doesn’t bother me.”
  86. “You’re important too.”
  87. “I saved you a seat.”
  88. “I’ll see you later.”
  89. “I noticed.”
  90. “You can tell me anything.”
  91. “I hope you like it.”
  92. “I want you to be happy.”
  93. “I believe in you.”
  94. “You can do it.”
  95. “Good luck.”
  96. “I brought you an umbrella.”
  97. “I’ll pick you up at the airport.”
  98. “Take a deep breath.”
  99. “Be careful.”


100.  “I love you.”

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