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100+ Ways To Say Common Things in English

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Learn the useful list of 100+ ways to say common things in English.

Different Ways To Say Common Things

Do you want a different way to express the same idea?

Other Ways to Say “Laughed”

  • Giggle

The girls giggled at the joke.

  • Chuckle

She chuckled at the memory.

  • Roar

He looked so funny, we all roared.

  • Snicker

Although his friends snickered, they were still impressed.

  • Guffaw

She let out a loud guffaw.

  • Shriek

She shrieked in fright.

  • Grin

They grinned with delight when they heard our news

  • Cackle

They all cackled with delight.

  • Chortle

Gill chortled with delight.

  • Crack up

He walked in and everyone just cracked up.

  • Split one’s sides

That comedian had us spliting our sides.

Other Ways to Say "Laughed"

Other Ways to Say “Amazing”

  • Astonishing

She ran 200m in an astonishing 15.2 seconds.

  • Astounding

The performance was an astounding success.

  • Awesome

They had an awesome task ahead.

  • Fabulous

Anna is a fabulous cook.

  • Fantastic

The weather was absolutely fantastic.

  • Incredible

I felt I’d made an incredible discovery.

  • Stupendous

He was a man of stupendous stamina and energy.

  • Unbelievable
  • This is an unbelievable country.
  • Wonderful

You’ve all been absolutely wonderful!

  • Unimaginable

The size of the universe is unimaginable.

  • Tremendous

We went to a tremendous party.

  • Unexpected

The announcement was not entirely unexpected.

  • Phenomenal

The product has been a phenomenal success.

  • Spectacular

It was a spectacular achievement on their part.

  • Stunning

You look absolutely stunning!

  • Overwhelming

You may find it somewhat overwhelming at first.

  • Remarkable

She was a truly remarkable woman.

  • Breathtaking

The scene was one of breathtaking beauty.

  • Significant

It was a significant moment.

  • Staggering

They paid a staggering £5 million for the house.

  • Brilliant

What a brilliant idea!

  • Extraordinary

You’re an extraordinary woman.

  • Marvelous

It’s marvelous what modern technology can do.

  • Prodigious

DVDs can store prodigious amounts of information.

Other Ways to Say "Amazing"

Other Ways to Say “Bad”

  • Awful

I feel awful about forgetting her birthday.

  • Terrible

It was a terrible thing to happen to someone so young.

  • Crummy

She lives in a really crummy area.

  • Wack (slang)

That movie was really wack.

  • Crappy/ Shitty(slang)

Peter’s been in a shitty mood all morning.

  • Rotten

I’ve had a rotten day!

  • Naughty

I’m being very naughty—I’ve ordered champagne!

  • Dreadful

It’s dreadful the way they treat their staff.

  • Nasty

I had a nasty feeling that he would follow me.

  • Wicked

Tara hasn’t lost her wicked sense of humour.

  • Lousy
  • I’ve had a lousy day.
  • Unpleasant

He was very unpleasant to me.

  • Disagreeable

The conversation was disagreeable to her.

  • Wretched

I felt wretched about the way things had turned out.

  • Horrible

I’ve got a horrible feeling she lied to us

  • Outrageous

I can’t believe that she said the most outrageous things.

  • Despicable

I hate you! You’re despicable.

  • Disgraceful

His behaviour was absolutely disgraceful!

Other Ways to Say "Bad"

Other Ways to Say “Delicious”

  • Appetizing

The meals he cooked were never appetizing.

  • Tasty

The food is wholesome, tasty and well-presented.

  • Flavourful

This dish is flavourful with basil and garlic.

  • Delectable

Delectable smells rose from the kitchen.

  • Scrumptious

What a scrumptious meal!

  • Mouth-watering

This cream cakes look mouth-watering.

  • Delish ( informal)

Yum, that steak was delish.

  • Yummy (informal)

These biscuits are yummy.

  • Juicy

The meat was tender and juicy.

  • Luscious

He enjoyed the luscious fruit.

Other Ways to Say "Delicious"

Other Ways to Say “Strange”

  • Odd

They’re very odd people.

  • Weird

It’s really weird seeing yourself on television.

  • Surreal

The play was a surreal mix of fact and fantasy.

  • Unusual

It’s unusual for the trees to flower so early.

  • Bizarre

He made some totally bizarre comments.

  • Offbeat

He has a rather offbeat sense of humour.

  • Peculiar

I had a peculiar feeling we’d met before.

  • Queer

It all sounds a bit queer to me.

  • Eccentric

The old lady was getting very eccentric.

  • Astonishing

I find it absolutely astonishing that you didn’t like it.

  • Uncanny

I had an uncanny feeling I was being watched.

  • Unheard of

At that time, it was completely unheard-of for girls to go to university.

  • Extraordinary

It’s extraordinary that he managed to sleep through the party.

  • Curious

It was a curious feeling, as though we were floating on air.

Other Ways to Say "Strange"

Other Ways to Say “Happy”

  • Amused

We were all amused at his stories.

  • Blissful

We spent three blissful weeks away from work.

  • Bright

She gave me a bright smile.

  • Charmed

I was charmed with her beauty.

  • Cheerful

She is cheerful in spite of his illness.

  • Contented

He was a contented man.

  • Delighted

I was delighted that you could stay.

  • Eager

Everyone in the class seemed eager to learn.

  • Ecstatic

Sophie was ecstatic about her new job.

  • Elated

They were elated at the result.

  • Enthusiastic

You don’t sound very enthusiastic about the idea.

  • Excited

They were very excited.

  • Exultant

The fans were exultant at their team’s victory.

  • Glad

I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better.

  • Gleeful

He was gleeful about the idea of making his own movie.

  • Hopeful

I feel hopeful that we’ll find a suitable house very soon.

  • Joyful

She gave a joyful laugh.

  • Lively

He showed a lively interest in politics

  • Loving

She chose the present with loving care.

  • Marvelous

This will be a marvellous opportunity for her.

  • Merry

We had a few drinks and all got quite merry.

  • Optimistic

He is optimistic about the future.

  • Over the moon (informal)

She’s over the moon about her new job.

  • Overjoyed

He was overjoyed at my success.

  • Pleased

She was very pleased with her exam results.

  • Positive

She tried to be more positive about her new job.

  • Satisfied

She’s never satisfied with what she’s got.

  • Thrilled

I was thrilled to be invited.

Other Ways to Say "Happy"

Other Ways to Say “Stupid”

  • Dump

Hey, are you dumb?’ he shouted.

  • Silly

Her work is full of silly mistakes.

  • Foolish

I was foolish enough to believe what Jeff told me.

  • Idiotic

Don’t be so idiotic!

  • Daft

Don’t be so daft!

  • Gormless (British, informal)

Don’t just stand there looking gormless—do something!

  • Dorky (informal)

He was a dorky kid.

  • Ass

I made an ass of myself at the meeting—standing up and then forgetting the question.

  • Ill-advised

Her remarks were ill-advised, to say the least.

  • Naïve

I can’t believe you were so naive as to trust him!

Other Ways to Say "Stupid"

Other Ways to Say “Good”

  • Excellent

She speaks excellent French.

  • Amazing

It’s amazing how quickly people adapt.

  • Wonderful

We had a wonderful time last night.

  • Pleasant

Please try to be pleasant to our guests.

  • Marvelous

It’s marvellous what modern technology can do.

  • Exceptional

The quality of the recording is quite exceptional.

  • Fantastic

The weather was absolutely fantastic.

  • Super

We had a super time in Italy.

  • Outstanding

Your mother is one of the most outstanding teachers in music.

  • Terrific

When I was a child, I was a terrific drawer.

  • Splendid

We’ve all had a splendid time.

  • Stupendous

The opera was quite stupendous!

Other Ways to Say "Good"

Other Ways to Say “Love”

  • Admire

I really admire your enthusiasm.

  • Adore

It’s obvious that she adores him.

  • Appreciate

Her family doesn’t appreciate her.

  • Cherish

Children need to be cherished.

  • Enjoy

Thanks for a great evening. I really enjoyed it.

  • Fancy

Do you fancy going out this evening?

  • Dote on

He dotes on his children.

  • Honour

The President honoured us with a personal visit.

  • Respect

I respect you more than anyone.

  • Savor

I wanted to savour every moment.

  • Like

She’s nice. I like her

Other Ways to Say "Love"

Other Ways to Say “Sad”

  • Blue

He’d been feeling blue all week.

  • Cheerless

They seem so somber, so mournful, so cheerless.

  • Dejected

She looked so dejected when she lost the game.

  • Depressed

She felt very depressed about the future.

  • Desperate

The prisoners grew increasingly desperate.

  • Discouraged

Learners can feel very discouraged if an exercise is too difficult.

  • Disgusted

I was disgusted with myself for eating so much.

  • Downcast

She kept her eyes slightly downcast to avoid looking into their faces.

  • Frustrated

His apathy just made her even more frustrated.

  • Gloomy

We sat in gloomy silence.

  • Hateful

I tried to ignore her hateful words.

  • Heartbroken

He was heartbroken when she left him.

  • Heavy

They started shouting at me. It got very heavy.

  • Miserable

We were cold, wet and thoroughly miserable.

  • Mournful

I couldn’t bear the mournful look on her face.

  • Somber

Paul was in a sombre mood.

  • Sorrowful

She always look at me with sorrowful eyes.

  • Tearful

She made a tearful phone call to her family.

  • Unhappy

I didn’t realize but he was deeply unhappy at that time.

  • Upset

This decision is likely to upset a lot of people.

  • Weepy

She was feeling tired and weepy.

  • Wretched

I felt wretched about the way things had turned out.

  • Woeful

He has a woeful face.

  • Melancholy

The music suited her melancholy mood.

Other Ways to Say "Sad"

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