100+ Beautifully Romantic Ways To Say I LOVE YOU…!

Learn many different ways to say I LOVE YOU in English with ESL pictures.

Other Ways To Say I LOVE YOU

List of Creative Ways To Say I LOVE YOU in English:

  • I adore you
  • I’m affectionate for you
  • I’m attached to you
  • I’m enchanted by you
  • You’re my enchantment
  • I burn for you
  • You fill my heart
  • I’m fond of you
  • You’re my missing piece
  • You’re the only one for me
  • I’m totally devoted to you
  • I’m infatuated with you
  • I’m mad about you
  • You’re all I see
  • I’m passionate about you
  • I’m enraptured with you
  • I relish you
  • You’re the light of my life
  • You’re my soft spot
  • I’m tender for you
  • I’m wild about you
  • I worship you
  • You’re my everything
  • I admire you so much
  • I adulate you
  • I more than care for you
  • I cherish you like nothing else
  • I delight in your company
  • No one matters but you
  • I dote on you
  • I glory in you
  • I savor every moment with you
  • I’m infatuated with you
  • I’m beguiled with you
  • I’m besotted by you
  • You carry me away
  • I’m charmed by you
  • I’m hooked on you
  • I’m intoxicated by you
  • You’re my indulgence
  • You’re my obsession
  • I’m falling for you
  • I fancy you
  • I only have eyes for you
  • I’ve flipped over you
  • You’re my hero
  • You make me feel young
  • You’re on my mind
  • You’re wonderful to me
  • You’re adorable to me
  • You amaze me
  • You blow me away
  • You electrify me
  • My feelings are overwhelmed by you
  • You make my life worth living
  • You’re my inspiration
  • You make me feel good about myself
  • I’m stupefied by you
  • I idolize you
  • I long for you
  • You’re my treasure
  • I delight in you
  • I glorify you
  • I laud you
  • I have a flame for you
  • You’re my object of affection
  • I marvel in your presence
  • I dig you
  • I totally go for you
  • You’re just my style
  • You’re my prize
  • I hold you in reverence
  • I venerate you
  • You comfort me
  • You nourish me
  • I enshrine you
  • I hold you dear
  • I honor you
  • You nurture me
  • You sustain me
  • I want you so badly
  • I’m crazy about you
  • I’m nuts about you
  • You’re my one and only
  • You’re everything to me
  • You complete me
  • You make me whole
  • I luxuriate in you
  • I need you more than anything
  • You’re special to me
  • You make me whole
  • I’m nothing without you
  • You’re the air I breath
  • I’ve looked for you my entire life
  • I miss you so much
  • I would be lost without you
  • You’re my savior
  • You’re my stars and moon
  • I’m bedazzled by you
  • You’re my aphrodisiac
  • I’m sweet on you

Other Ways To Say I LOVE YOU | Picture

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Ro shofiqul islam
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Ro shofiqul islam
Ro shofiqul islam
4 years ago

Thank so much for your online teaching

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Naresh Parmar
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